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Course on Proteins, Metabolism and Sport Performance


Instituto Deporte y Vida

Instituto Deporte y Vida


We have the pleasure to announce our course about protein nutrition, the role of exercise and novel nutritional interventions. For this purpose, we are counting on a worldwide expert Oliver Witard, Senior Lecturer in Exercise Metabolism and Nutrition in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine, King's College London.

We still have a gap between science and practice; Dr Oliver Witard is undoubtedly the right person to translate the science into some practical applications and linking scientific knowledge with athletes' daily life.

In the present course, we will present exciting topics plenty of science but also plenty of applied knowledge such as:

Protein requirements vs. protein recommendations for athletes.

Optimising protein dose for maximal stimulation of muscle protein synthesis: Is more better?

Protein from dairy, meat or plant source: what’s the difference for building muscle mass.

Applications of fish oil for sport performance

Oliver Witard, PhD

Oliver Witard, PhD

King's College London

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