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International Course on Radial Pressure Waves in Aesthetics and Cosmiatry


Dr. Daniel Moya & Dr. Karsten Knobloch

Dr. Daniel Moya & Dr. Karsten Knobloch


The use of mechanotransduction has opened a new dimension in the therapeutic approach to musculoskeletal, urological and neurological pathology for more than 20 years. Aesthetics and cosmiatry do not escape this explosion of interest regarding the subject.

In many cases, professionals incorporate new equipment but without having all the information based on scientific evidence. This impedes getting the full performance of the method and exposes them to poor results and complications.

Two renowned international specialists in the medical use of shockwaves and radial pressure waves come together to provide a course on the use of radial pressure waves in aesthetics and cosmiatry.

Dr. Karsten Knobloch is the current president of the German Shockwave Society and is a renowned sports injury surgeon. Dr. Daniel Moya is a trauma doctor, past president of the International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment and has 20 years of experience with the method.

The program will include not only the basic physical and biological concepts, but also the most current therapeutic indications. The indications, contraindications, how to avoid complications and the most accepted treatment protocols will be analyzed.

Dr. Daniel Moya

Dr. Daniel Moya

Presidente del Comité de Hombro y Codo de SICOT

Dr. Karsten Knobloch

Dr. Karsten Knobloch

SportPraxis - Hannover, Germany

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