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Shoulder and Elbow Diagnostic Maneuvers with Image Correlation


Orthoflix Simall

Orthoflix Simall


This is practical instruction course for shoulder and elbow diagnostic maneuvers.Our objective is for the student to learn how to perform the most common maneuvers and how to interpret its results.

The course structure is designed for the student to answer the following questions:Why do I use this manoeuvre? What is it for?What information does a positive maneuver provide?

The course consists of 10 weekly modules. Each module consists of recorded theoretical sessions (between 8 and 15 minutes long) explaining the maneuvers step by step, with videos correlating maneuvers by dynamic ultrasound imaging and pathological images. This is not an imaging course.

Each module has additional supplementary reading material in pdf format and activities for the student to complete.The approximate total weekly hourly load is 2 (two) hours.

At the end of the course, the student will be evaluated with an online multiple-choice exam to obtain a diploma that states course approval certified by the Argentine Shoulder and Elbow Association.

Dr. Ricardo Allan

Dr. Ricardo Allan

Dr. Guillermo Azulay

Dr. Guillermo Azulay

Dr. Juan Pablo Simone

Dr. Juan Pablo Simone

Información acerca de la Capacitación

100% Online

Para realizar esta capacitación no se requiere ninguna instancia presencial

60 Horas cátedra

2 módulos, 10 asignaturas, 3 docentes

Campus Virtual de Online Education Center

La inscripción y el cursado se realizan en la misma plataforma

Aproximadamente 2 meses para completarse

Ritmo surgerido de 8 horas por semana

En Inglés

Todo material de estudio obligatorio es en inglés. Puede haber material en otro idioma, pero es opcional.

1 Certificado y 1 Aval Científico

Todos los certificados se entregan al finalizar el curso