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Lila Movementechnology

Lila Movementechnology


Performance Solutions Through Wearable Resistance Technology

Explore the development and benefits of modern Wearable Resistance technology, the science behind its direct transference to sport performance and the coaching and periodisation for speed, agility and acceleration on the track and the sporting field with this exciting innovation.

Key Speakers:

Dr. John Cronin is a Professor of Strength and Conditioning at Auckland University of Technology’s (AUT) Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand. John’s personal research interests are in human movement research, particularly around the strengthening of muscle and themes spanning developmental to high performance sport.

Coach Joseph Dolcetti is a high performance coach, conditioning specialist and industry innovator with a career that has spanned over 30 years. This includes training athletes from the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, CFL, multiple sports with Team Canada, as well as having trained, worked and collaborated with professional and national athletes, coaches and sport scientists around the world.

Chris Korfist is a speed/performance coach from Chicago, Illinois. In addition to being a high school sprint coach, Chris also operates his facility, Slow Guy Speed School which caters to a variety of athletes, ranging from elementary school athletes to professional/Olympic athletes. He also co-owns which is a bi-annual conference bringing together outside the box thinkers who focus on building a better athlete effectively. He also is co-owner of Reflexive Performance Reset which is a system of breathing and neurological drills that empower your clients and athletes to create instant improvements in their performance.

John Cronin, PhD

John Cronin, PhD

Joseph Dolcetti, MSc

Joseph Dolcetti, MSc

Chris Korfist

Chris Korfist

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