Speed and Agility Development and Theory

Alberto Borges Moreno

Artículo publicado en el journal Revista de Entrenamiento Deportivo, Volumen 28, Número 1 del año 2014.

Publicado 3 de abril de 2014


This paper discusses the development of speed and agility. It has become a literature review and several issues have been cited that directly affect the expression of these capabilities and their development, it is about energy systems, the nervous system and other interesting factors  like the neuromuscular composition and the incidence of fatigue as many factors implicate. The paper puts clear examples to train these skills and abilities; methods are considered, rest, work duration, number of repetitions, sets, rest between sets, intensity, motivation, density training and other factors related to the periodization of training annual stages to achieve the objectives of adequately train speed and agility, in the development of the text my experiences are indicated and match the criteria found in the literature.
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